Open Calls

Updated: 4/26/2023

Were you with a publisher, but you had your rights reverted to you after they announced they were closing or otherwise downsizing?

We’re currently accepting submissions from authors who’ve recently had their works “un-homed” and are seeking a new publishing home for their work.

What we’re looking for:

  • Fantasy of any kind
  • Horror (note that we have some limitations listed on our Submissions – General Info page)
  • Science fiction
  • Supernatural
  • Suspense

What we’re not taking at this time:

  • Poetry collections
  • Single short stories

We’ll take single books, trilogies, and multi-book series. If you’re submitting multiple titles within a single series, please tell us how many books were published by your old publisher, and how many are finished/not yet published, as well as how many are unfinished.

If the work you’re querying won any awards, or you’ve won awards yourself, tell us about it in your query.

Before sending us your query, make sure you read our Submissions Criteria page for all the details of what we look for in a query email. When you’re sure you’ve followed all of our guidelines, send us your query at