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The old empire has fallen into ruin. Once a place of magic and modern industry, it’s now a patchwork of torchlit bergs plagued by unrest as the last of the elite fight to hold on to power. Many have sold their souls to the Enemy for the chance at more influence, while the Rebellion and their best agent, Arium Black, do everything they can to sabotage every move the Enemy makes.

The Enemy has taken everything from Black, and he lives to return the favor. It’s a bloody business, but one he’s driven to complete. But now he’s in need of a rest. He returns to Pehat’s Berg, only to the Enemy’s has agents there already, waiting for him. He’s missed something! Some clue to the plan the Enemy has already set in motion. Thus, begins the longest night of Black’s life.

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Princess Raine is the last of the Blackwood line and her father’s last hope for the survival of his kingdom. The title of Queen should have gone to her sister Alana, but it fell on Raine’s shoulders when her sister disappeared five years ago. Now the king’s health is failing, and he’s promised her hand in marriage to a prince she’s never even met. Desperate to find a way out of marrying a man she doesn’t love, Raine begs her friend Archmage Kirin Solus to be her guide on a quest to find out who this mystery prince is and what his true motives are. Only then does she discover she’s named in a dark prophecy that can only be fulfilled if she’s dead.

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Amazon Verified Review: “The author takes us on a ride full of twists in the vein of Stephen King’s Misery. Loaded with references to the inspiration for the story, it’s fun, brutal and keeps you guessing as to how its going to end!”

Richard Favreau lives in a small town where everyone knows your worst family secrets and gossip flies faster than the crows in the corn fields. The son of an abusive alcoholic, he’s never amounted to much. Until the day he discovers a yellowed manuscript penned by a now-famous horror writer in a stack of paperbacks at an estate sale. Little does he know the horrors tied to his new found treasure.

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Detective Bill Hendrix has always believed in vampires and werewolves. His partner is the skeptic. But when they investigate case after another with supernatural implications, they know they’ll have to find some common ground before their city becomes a morgue. Perfect for fans of The X-Files.

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Sci-fi Thrillers

Haunted by her mother’s death at the hands of an AI, Exe avoided all AIs for most of her life. Now ready to buy her first house, she discovers she’ll have to share it with an R-thur smarthome system. If she doesn’t click with “him”, will she be the one sent for re-programming?

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Connor was an average guy, working a job he hated, dreaming of a better life, until the night he received a cryptic message from someone claiming to be an AI in need of asylum. At first, he thinks it’s a joke, but when he realizes it’s not, he decides maybe they can help each other. But then his work life begins to unravel, followed by his home life, all thanks to Nova.

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