Submission Criteria

For Queries

Send us your query to Include the following in the body of you email:

  • An introduction: who you are, what you write, and what you’re submitting

Also include:

  • Your name
  • Your pen name (if applicable)
  • The title of your work
  • The genre of your work
  • Approximate word count
  • A brief synopsis of what you’re submitting
  • Are there scenes that may trouble some readers (depictions of abuse, rape, incest, acts of terrorism, etc.)? If yes, give us a brief explanation.

Do not send your query and synopsis as an attachment. Per our secure computing standards, we don’t open attachments we didn’t ask for.

Regarding previously-published works: If the work you’re submitting was previously published, please let us know this in your introduction. You should also have proof your rights were reverted back to you, which we will ask you for if we ask to see your full manuscript. Proof you again own your publishing rights can be in the form of an email from your previous publisher, a scanned/photographed letter, etc.

For Manuscripts (By Request Only)

Do not send us unsolicited manuscripts.

We cannot stress this enough. Every publisher’s pet peeve is receiving unsolicited manuscripts. The two fastest ways to get on a publisher’s bad side are:

  1. Not following submission guidelines
  2. Sending an unrequested manuscript

If we like your query and synopsis, we will ask you to send your complete manuscript or part of it.

Always Send it as an attachment

Do not copy and paste your manuscript into the body of your email (we have to be specific because people have done this). The attachment must be:

  • In a Word-compatible document format, either .doc or .docx.
  • In the US standard manuscript format (see this Reedsy blog post, if you’re not sure what this means).

Make sure your work is as polished as it can be prior to sending it

While we have editors and proofreaders to help you polish your work and make it publication-ready, we expect you to have a full understanding of the basics of English grammar and spelling. We don’t expect Stephen King-level perfection, but we also don’t want to be hampered by numerous instances of formatting shifts, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, or spelling errors while reading your work. So, please read through your work thoroughly, and if possible, ask a trusted family member, friend, or co-worker to also read through it. Two sets of eyes are always better than one.

What to expect from us once you send us your query or manuscript

We will do our best to give feedback on every query and manuscript sent to us. But depending on the current submission volume, you may have a longer wait, or we may have to truncate our feedback.

If we don’t think a story is ready for primetime yet, we’ll let you know, and we’ll try to give constructive feedback as to why.

We don’t give advances. We do offer competitive royalty rates.

We’ll never ask you to pay for editing, formatting, covers, marketing graphics, etc.

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