Submissions (General Info)

Note: For current open submissions, see our Open Submissions page.

What do we publish?

All types of fantasy (dark, epic, urban, time travel, steampunk…you get it), horror, sci-fi, thrillers, suspense, and some things that fall outside the box.

What don’t we publish?

We don’t publish erotica, BDSM, or anything that has a lot of hardcore violence/gore (i.e. splatterpunk).

No torture of animals or children, and nothing that glorifies torture of adults either (think Saw and Hostel).

Nothing that contains hate speech or content meant to cause harm to another person or groups of people.

Who do we publish?

Anyone. We mean it. Whether you’re new to publishing or you have twenty books under your belt, it’s all good with us, and we welcome submissions from women, LGBT authors, persons or color, and anyone else who has had trouble getting published by other publishers. We don’t discriminate based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Our non-negotiable submission requirements

Step 1 is to make sure we’re taking submissions, of course. If not, any submission we didn’t directly ask you or your agent to submit will be ignored. No, a really kicking query email won’t change this.

Step 2, send us your manuscript as an email attachment.

  • We only accept .doc and .docx formats. No .rtf, please.
  • All submissions must be in standard manuscript form (see this page if you’re unclear as to what this means: If it’s not formatted correctly, it’s going to the cave (a Xena reference, but also known as the Recycle Bin).

Step 3, add the following to your submission email (we recommend copying and pasting this list into your email so that you don’t miss anything):

  • Your legal name
  • Your pen name (if applicable)
  • The title of your submission
  • The genre of your submission
  • Approximate word count of the full manuscript
  • A brief synopsis of what you’re submitting
  • Are there scenes that may trouble some readers (depictions of abuse, rape, incest, acts of terrorism, etc.)? If yes, give us a brief explanation.

What you should know BEFORE you submit your work to us

If your submission does not include all of the information we requested above, it is not properly formatted, is riddled with grammatical or spelling errors, or it falls well outside the genre parameters we set in our request for submissions, we will discard your submission. No exceptions.

We are a very small publisher still, so we do not advances of any kind.

We will offer you a fair and competitive per word rate or royalty percentage (depending on the submissions type).

You will never be asked to pay us for editing, formatting, covers, marketing, etc. Everything is done by us. Any book’s success is helped by the enthusiasm of its author and their willingness to give it a shout out on social media, but we don’t expect you to do your own promotion. If you wanted to do that, you wouldn’t be looking for a publisher.

We will be with you every step of the way. If you ever have a question or concern about your project, we want to know about it.