A Well-Deserved Congratulations to Author A.M. Rycroft

Earlier this week, we announced on our Facebook page that our own A.M. Rycroft, author of the dark fantasy Cathell series, was accepted as a full member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) for her sword and sorcery title Into the Darkness. We thought it might be nice to add a more formal announcement through our website.

The second half of 2016 was big for A.M. Rycroft. She saw the release of her second book in the Cathell series and wider interest in the series as a whole. It was through broad fan support that she was able to earn a place in the HWA.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the fans who have been following A.M. Rycroft and supporting her work. We also wish her many more successes as we move into an exciting new year and look forward to two more entries in her gripping Cathell series.

You can send A.M. your congratulations on her Facebook page or her Twitter account.