The Dreams of the Writer

This is the first in a series of twice-monthly posts one of our authors Xoey Zolton will be doing on MQB’s site. We hope you’ll follow all her posts!

Every writer has a dream. Whether they admit to it or not is another matter entirely. Some dreams are multi-dimensional and know no bounds. They are star-seeking behemoths from the get-go. Other dreams are much smaller, more like stepping stones to something that will lead somewhere truly beautiful…or horrifying, as the case may be!

And some dreams fall somewhere comfortably in between. As an author, myself, I don’t feel the need to hide my deepest, darkest heart’s desires. I appreciate honesty and writing, in and of itself, to begin with, is an act of sharing… 

I would absolutely love nothing more than to one become a multi-national Best Selling author. The kind whose name is spoken by the lips of not just avid readers, but those of media personalities and studio executives. I’d weep with sheer profound joy to see my name roll through the credits, my words and visions having been realised and translated to film. That would be… beyond spectacular.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to reach the greatest heights of success and be the next J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R.Martin, J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer? Their names and fiction will forever remain imprinted on the Earth’s history and social conscious, the same way the literary works of Austen, Stoker, Homer and Shakespeare have. These few are indeed the lucky few. The Big Dream won’t happen for us all. That’s not to say it can’t or won’t, but a lot of hard work and a very big dollop of luck go into making it that far!

Personally, for the sake of my sanity and my grenade-fuse patience levels, I’m unfolding my dream in baby steps. One good turn of fortune leads to another, and that’s earnestly enough for me, for now. It’s like that delicious afternoon biscuit with coffee that you look forward to and appreciate, that tides you over until dinner time. 

Of what good, small fortunes am I alluding to? For one, having your work published. It’s just the first step on the long road to becoming what most would consider legitimate authordom… but as the writer? It feels tremendous to make that first milestone. It’s the first important leg of the race.

To receive that first acceptance and contract? It’s like winning the lottery, but one you actually worked for! No matter how small it may be in the grander scheme of things, it means a lot to you and you treasure it. Then… your work begins to circulate and makes it out into the world and then the next marvelous milestone is reached. The reader reviews start coming in! 

A blog post or a simple comment on Amazon from some random human whom you may never know or meet, doesn’t sounds like very much- but I can tell you, it doesn’t feel that way from the writer’s point of view! It’s like someone has picked up your cherished baby, cradled it lovingly in their arms and told you just how beautiful your little creation is. The feeling of pride and happiness swells the heart.

As an author… part of my modest dream is to really reach out and touch someone. It’s to share my craft, passion and my stories with another soul, and to have them take something away from it. To provide even a moment’s escape from the drudgery of reality is a genuine gift! To have someone appreciate that gift, is the even greater gift and one I am profoundly thankful for.

So, writers? Remember: Dreams take time. They take hard work. The path to becoming a well-known author is not usually one of instant gratification. It’s a journey of many steps and milestones that will one day, with perseverance, lead to something greater and worthwhile. You have the ability to touch the hearts and minds of the people. It’s no small gift. Do it justice. Foster your talent and watch your dreams take root & thrive. From little things, big things grow!

And to the gracious readers and reviewers out there? Know that your opinions and feelings mean a lot to those of us who write. Without you, there would be no one to share our labours of love with. Your words, constructive or positive, have the potential to lift an author to even greater heights than you could possibly know. That boost of self-esteem when someone genuinely appreciates your work, is immense. For some, it can be what makes or breaks them. Your words have power. Like the cheers of a football crowd can drive an athlete to their physical best, your words might be what encourages a tired, still-working-a-day-job-author to pursue their passion further and finish that much awaited book! 

A big thank you goes out to those of our readers who have taken the time to read the Dead of Winter anthology and leave a review on Amazon! A special mention is also deserved for Deedee Scott of Passionate Chapter ( and Bazi of Randomness by Bazi ( for your thorough and thoughtful blog reviews! The whole team here at Mighty Quill Books, and all the authors involved in the Dead of Winter anthology project are very appreciative of your time.

Til next time,

Zoey Xolton