New Release: Finders Bleeders is Out Today

Finders Bleeders book cover

Did you like Gerald’s Game or Delores Claiborne? Then we think you’re going to love Finders Bleeders by J. Donnait (who also wrote a wonderful short story for our Tales from the Boiler Room anthology).

Bleeders follows the reclusive Richard Favreau, son of an abusive father and now a garage sale addict. On what could be his last tour of the garage sale circuit, he stumbles upon a beat up, typewritten manuscript once penned by a famous horror writer. He knows it’s valuable, but he never suspected just how valuable or the lengths someone would go to get their hands on it.

[T]here was something so gratifying about shooting the shit with the proprietor of a sale full of goods and short on people. You got to learn about the person, why they were having the sale, what was valuable to them, and, if you were lucky, they’d pull something “special” out for you, for sale, but not to the general public—only to “friends”. I’m sure my dad had the same feeling when it was just him and the bartender.

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