Re-post: Normalize Equality and Stand Up for What’s Right

This is a re-post of something we previously shared only to our Facebook page. We should have posted it here at the same time, and we apologize for the lapse on our part.

In light of the heartbreaking events that have happened here in the US and the disturbing images circulating Facebook in the last 24 hours of the owner of a small publisher making hateful and racist comments on her (now defunct) personal account, we at Mighty Quill Books wanted to reiterate the position we’ve taken since the company’s inception: we support diversity and equality.

We do not tolerate racism in any form, and we have and always will support diversity inside and outside of the publishing world.

Hate has no place in our company or our personal lives.

If you think that we’re crossing a line and getting too “political” with this post, we’re sorry you feel that way, but we won’t ever apologize for doing the right thing by standing with our BIPOC brothers and sisters.