Women Who Write the Dark

Mighty Quill Books loves all writers, but we feel especially strongly about championing female writers of the dark speculative genres. There are some incredible strong and deserving voices that need to be heard and we would like to build a community where these writers can unite; to discuss the craft of writing, to share ideas and their work with others in the field and reach a greater readership.

To this end, our very own A.M. Rycroft, author of the Cathell Books and the Fall of Kingdoms Series, has launched a Page and adjoining Group on Facebook! Please feel free to ‘like’ Women Who Write the Dark and join Women of Dark Fantasy and Grimdark!

And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out A.M’s Special Edition cover for Into the Darkness! Isn’t it eye-catching?


And if you have the time, check our author Zoey Xolton‘s latest short story The Eternal Masquerade which features in Midnight Masquerade, a masquerade themed anthology published by Fantasia Divinity.


Also, did you know that our author Pamela Jeffs has released her own collection of short stories titled Red Hour & Other Strange Tales, published by Four Ink Press?


If you’re one of our previously published authors and would like to contribute to the Mighty Quill Books blog, or have your achievements shared, please feel free to contact us!

Til next time,

Zoey Xolton.