We’re Suspending Kindle Pre-orders for New Releases (Updated)

Update: Since the original posting of this piece, Amazon appears to have resolved the issues related to pre-order files. MQ is tentatively renewing pre-orders for our authors’ books.

If you are an indie author or are friends/family with one, you may have heard about the recent issues with incorrect Kindle files being sent to readers when books reach their release day. Perhaps you’ve even received one of these for a book you pre-ordered for your Kindle.

It’s still unclear as to the cause of this issue, but it is clear that it’s an internal issue at Amazon

It is not an issue being caused by the authors themselves (so please refrain from giving the authors in question bad book reviews and contact Kindle Support instead)

Because there is no current remedy to the issue, and we at Mighty Quill Books don’t know when a definite solution will present itself, we will no longer upload ebooks for pre-order to Amazon’s website. Once we are sure the issues have been resolved, we will resume Kindle pre-orders. We simply care about our readers having a good experience too much to risk having an incorrect or bad file sent out at book launch.

We will still make our books available to Kindle users on release day, and readers will still be able to pre-order our titles as paperbacks through Amazon or pre-order our title as ebooks through other, non-Amazon retailers, like Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.