Press Release: To Kill a Queen by Nancy Uliano is Out Today

November 24, 2020, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Like many young people these days, Princess Raine Blackwood would rather live a life of adventure and intrigue than be part of the family business. In her case, the family business is running a kingdom.

Book cover with a man and a woman walking through a medieval style town

To Kill a Queen is by author Nancy Uliano. She lives in the state of Texas with a small pride of house cats with the usual set of quirks only a cat person can love. This is her first fantasy adventure tale.

Her protagonist Raine isn’t your typical princess who dreams of marrying a handsome prince. Rather, she’d prefer to have as little to do with ruling the kingdom as she can manage, but her father is ailing and her sister Alana, the rightful heir to the throne is missing. When her father arranges for her to marry a man she’s never met, her only recourse is to find a way out of the marriage. She taps her friend Archmage Kirin Solus to aid in her escape from the castle and to be her guide on her journey to find her missing sister.

For anyone who likes a bit of romance with their fantasy, you won’t be disappointed. There’s a forbidden romance between Raine and Kirin that’s been simmering below the surface for years. What better time to fan the flames than on a equally forbidden quest?

Anyone who orders a copy of To Kill a Queen before December 1st can take advantage of release month special pricing. So, don’t wait. Grab a copy of To Kill a Queen today!



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