New Release in Sci-Fantasy: Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms

The impending Thanksgiving holiday in the US ate our brains last Tuesday, and we completely forgot to announce our newest release, Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms by Wade Garret. Our bad!

Readers are raving about this flintlock fantasy/post-apocalyptic sci-fi match up with its noir type settings, an antihero you can’t help but root for — the proverbial Man in Black — terrifying monsters, and a diverse supporting cast of rebellion loyalists and slimy, imperialist villains.

“If Anna Smith Spark is the queen of grim dark and Brian McClellan is the king of flintlock fantasy then Wade Garrett has to be the five star general leading the industrial punk revolution”

— Goodreads review (posted here with permission)

If you like the lushly built world of Steven Erikson’s Malazan Books of the Fallen and the action and intrigue of Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage trilogy, then you will love what Wade Garret adds to the fantasy genre with his industrial punk-flavored tale.

Blogger M.P. McVey, in his review of the book, admitted he hadn’t read a book quite like this one. But ultimately said he loved it.

For readers that simply enjoy a well-crafted fantasy, I would say this is a book that should not be missed.

— excerpt from M.P. McVey’s review

Be sure to check out his full review of Ghosts of the Scattered Kingdoms. And, of course, order your copy of the book today!

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  1. I was working on reading something about High magick rituals for the purpose of review but I might have to take a break for a little pleasure reading oh, there’s something deliciously Punk about the description for this book and I’m saying that as somebody from Seattle who surrounded by a lot of punk and Neo Punk


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