Happy Holidays from Epic Publishing

It’s been a longer, more complicated year than any of us hoped or imagined it could be, but we’ve gotten through it the best we can. As our gift to you, we’re putting all of our fantasy, horror, thrillers, and science fiction ebooks on special. Even our two newest releases. We typically only put a few titles on sale once or twice a year (and some of these titles may not be on special again for most of 2022), but this year being what it has been, and last year being what it was, we said, “Heck, let’s just put it all on sale!”

So, that’s just what we did. 🙂

We hope you find something you like in the mix and that you have a happy and safe new year in 2022.

Head over to our Epic Holiday Book Sale page to browse and buy the titles we marked down.