New Release in Supernatural Thrillers: In Blood and Bone

Our last new release of 2021 comes to you from the mind of Elias Anderson. In Blood and Bone is a supernatural thriller that’s perfect for any reader of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Dean Koontz, and others. It follows AJ Lancaster, a convenience store clerk whose family has a dark past he knew nothing about until the night he’s attacked by a man he’s never met before, after the man demands to know his name. The twist? The man was already dead before he attacked AJ.

Book title in red and cream on a black background

AJ is your typical everyman who had a so-called normal life and now suddenly finds himself in a bad place: discovering he’s the descendant of demon-hunters and the target of a sinister being with the power to control the dead, who’s intent upon ending AJ before he can finish the job his family started. At his side is Clover, the girl he met the night of the attack and fell in love with. AJ’s reluctant protector is Detective John Lubbock, who wants nothing more in life than to reach retirement with his pension intact, but also has a duty of his own to fulfill. And a man calling himself Logan, while wearing another man’s face, serves as their unexpected guide to the Lancaster family’s past deeds and AJ’s new destiny as the Next.

Anderson’s characters are rich and complex, and his easy writing style a la Stephen King immediately pulls you in. This book was originally published as God of the Dead by another publisher, and when it needed a new publishing home and landed in our hands, our head of publishing knew within just a few chapters it wasn’t a book we could pass up. The plot’s twists and turns will keep you turning pages well into the night and leave you wanting to start all over again when you finish.

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